The first images from The Last of Us have arrived!

HBO has released its first content about The Last of Us, which has been expected to be released for a long time. Here are the highlights of the content…

The Last of Us, one of the most important productions of the video game world, finds its place in the field of series. The HBO-produced series, which fans were eagerly awaiting, could not move to the production stage for a long time due to the coronavirus and quarantine process. The first images of the production that was shot have arrived.

The Last of Us is coming to HBO

HBO, which has made a name for itself with the quality productions it has brought to the series world, introduced the new series to be broadcast on the platform of the next season with a video content. The video, which was released under the name “Coming To HBO Max”, also included a short content from The Last of Us series.

According to the information, the new HBO production will meet the audience in 2023. Starring Pedro Pascal, who we know from The Mandalorian, Game Of Thrones and Narcos, and Bella Ramsey, who also starred in Game Of Thrones. On the other hand, when we look at the 20-second video published, it is seen that the first impression is to stick to the game.

It was stated that the filming of the first season of the series ended last year. On the other hand, according to the information, The Last of Us will consist of 10 episodes in the first season. There is no official confirmation of the second season yet. However, the information coming in is that the series can continue.

The Last of Us

The writing team for the new HBO series includes Neil Druckman, who directed the plays. The question “How long will the games stick to the games?” was clarified by screenwriter Craig Mazin at the end of filming last year. Mazin said he will follow the story in the games. In addition, according to the screenwriter, there will be no scenes that can be considered as a repetition of the play in the production

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