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Elon Musk says what the Twitter character limit will be

Elon Musk, who bought Twitter, said today that the character limit will change! Here are the details…

Elon Musk has made many innovations on the social media platform after acquiring Twitter. Even with the sharing he made from his account in the past days, Twitter announced that the 2.0 era would begin. The famous businessman shared about the Twitter character limit from his account again today. So what did Elon Musk say about the character limit? Let’s take a look at the details of the news together.

Twitter character limit can be 1000

Twitter last raised its character limit from 140 to 280 in 2017, before Elon Musk’s acquisition. The increase in the number of characters of the old limit was quite a pleasing development for that period.

At the time of its 140-character limit, Twitter expected users to describe more content with fewer words. But later, Twitter shared the first tweet with 280 characters from its official account, explaining that not all the languages in the world were suitable for this structure.

Elon Musk responded today by saying that the character limit should be 1000 in the response to a share about Twitter from his social media account by saying that thecharacter limit should be 1000. In addition, he also gave a good idea response to a user who wanted the character limit to be 420.

The famous businessman had already said that shortly after buying the social media giant, he would allow users to post longer tweets and videos. Some users wanted the character limit to increase, while others shared that it should remain as it is. Users who want it to stay the same, tweet with a certain character limit, while users say that they think to tell more content with fewer characters. In addition, he thinks that sharing long characters will be boring for social media.

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