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Instagram and Facebook threat from Meta to EU

Meta has threatened EU countries with closures for Facebook and Instagram. But why did the EU and Meta fall out?

European Union laws continue to push the tech giants. The union, which imposes astronomical penalties on giants such as Apple and Google, has also begun to push Meta. Accordingly, according to EU law, the personal data of the member states of the Union cannot be stored in another country. Meta threatened to shut down facebook and Instagram platforms for the EU with his latest statement against the rule.

EU threatens closure for Facebook and Instagram

Meta is now in trouble with the personal data of european union countries. According to union law, technology companies are obliged to store the personal data of member states on servers within the union boundaries. In fact, according to this rule, it is not possible to transfer the information contained on these servers to other servers.

Meta said in a statement that the EU decision was unenforceable. The tech giant is looking for an intermediate formula for the moment. However, even if Meta uses servers within the EU, cross-server data transfer is a key competitive element of the company. Accordingly, the company shares data between servers to determine user needs and make accurate ad choices by audience.

For the moment, the EU has not backed down from this rule. Meta explained that as a last resort, EU countries may have to make a decision such as shutting down Facebook and Instagram. It is a question of how the EU will behave after this harsh statement of the company.

The EU has previously pushed for Apple to use a USB-C charger. Although Apple has not yet backed down from the lightning cable, it is expected to move to this standard within a few years. Both the EU and the United States, the headquarters of many technology firms, say technology firms are getting extremely powerful. The EU has imposed several criminal sanctions on Google and Apple in recent years, accusing them of monopolization. The U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee says the high commission, which Google and Apple buy from app markets, has killed competition.

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