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Instagram launches chronological sorting feature

Social media platform Instagram has begun testing its long-awaited chronological ranking system.

Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri announced the change to the social media platform’s streaming system. Mosseri, who briefed users from his personal account, said that starting today, posts can be sorted in three different ways on Instagram’s homepage.

Adam Mosseri testified before Congress in December about the platform’s alleged negative impact on children’s mental health. Currently, Instagram’s algorithm sorts posts on the homepage by user’s interest. Heeded criticism that the experience had led to addiction, Mosseri said chronological rankings would return in 2022.

Instagram begins testing chronological ranking system

Adam Mosseri broke the news that Instagram users have been waiting for for a long time. He announced that they were bringing three different sorting options to the platform. One of these options will shape the homepage according to your interest as usual. However, the other two will sort the shares you see in the stream chronologically.

instagram chronological sorting
Instagram’s new ranking options are in the testing phase.

Here are the Instagram app’s new feed sorting options:

  • Home page: According to Adam Mosseri, when you select “Home”, posts in the stream will be sorted by your interest.
  • Favorites: You can choose to see accounts that you don’t want to miss their shares. Adam Mosseri said his brothers used the Favorites option to keep track of what they were doing, their favorite creators and best friends.
  • Following: Just like before, you will see posts from your followers on the homepage in chronological order.

Adam Mosseri has announced that they have started testing new ranking options with a limited number of users. The Instagram CEO said they will expand the test group in a few weeks, adding that they will make chronological sorting available to all users in the first half of 2022.

Special acclaim for stories is also on the way

In addition to chronological sorting, Instagram has also begun testing its ability to like stories. Meta’s social media platform announced the innovation with the words, “We are working on new ways to help people connect with the people they care about.” He added that only the person who shared the story would see the likes.

Currently, Instagram users can react to stories with emojis such as laughter, surprise, laughter, applause, fire, celebration and 100% sign. The total number of these reactions is exclusive to the person who shared the story and is not visible to the account’s followers.

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