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The latest platform to step towards becoming TikTok: Twitter

Twitter has announced that it is renewing its Discover tab. The platform will now have a TikTok-like scrollable vertical streaming section.

After big companies like Instagram, Facebook, Spotify, Twitter has also fallen into the TikTok movement. The social media company, which recently announced a CEO reshuffle with the resignation of Jack Dorsey, announced that it was renewing its Discover tab, which includes tweets that are trending topics.

The revamped Discover is being tested in India, twitter India said in a statement. The COVID-19, News, Sports, and Entertainment tabs in the earlier version of Discover have been removed. The new interface, which has a cleaner and simpler appearance, now includes only the “Trend” and “For You” sections.

Twitter will feature tweets and videos on its For You page

Social media consultant Matt Navarra got early access to the new Discover. Navarra also posted a screen video, allowing us to see the TikTok-like “For You” tab, which allows users to navigate vertically between tweets.

When you tap the Explore button, you see the “For You” section of Twitter directly. Here you can view short videos and tweets shared by other users. You can also switch between posts by swiping up with your finger, just like with TikTok.

In this way, Twitter makes tweet discovery easier for users and offers creators a new way to appeal to their followers. The company announced the new feature on its official account with the following statements:

Does your Discover tab look different? This means that you are part of our latest test. It’s exciting, isn’t it? We’re testing a new experience in India to help you discover the best content.

The revamped Discover section is now available to people living in India who use Twitter in English. The social media company, which said it had begun testing with a limited number of users, did not say when it would open the “For You” tab globally.

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