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The TikTok moderator has sued his own company, ByteDance!

Candie Frazier, who has been moderating TikTok for some time, has sued her own company, saying she suffered psychological trauma.

TikTok, one of the most famous social media platforms and video

streaming sites in the world, has come up with another very interesting news these days. An employee named Candie Frazier, who moderated TikTok at ByteDance, sued her company, saying she suffered psychological trauma from videos she had to watch during the approval process.

The lawsuit against TikTok was also filed against Facebook

Former TikTok moderator Candie Frazierhas sued ByteDance, the owner of the social media platform, according to a new report from bloomberg. Frazier said he was forced to oversee videos of violence, school raids, fatal injuries and even cannibalism during his time in TikTok moderation.

The former TikTok employee noted that they have a maximum of 20-25 seconds to check if each video is suitable for broadcasting, and due to the busy working conditions they have to watch 3 to 10 videos on the same screen and at the same time. Frazier said they had to work 12-hour shifts with an hour’s meal break and only two 15-minutebreaks a day — combined with videos of the exhausting process.

TikTok recently issued a statement regarding its working conditions; Along with other platforms such as Facebook and YouTube, it had taken measures for moderators who could encounter traumatic images. These guidelines, which foresee limiting moderator shifts to 4 hours, are allegedly not implemented in any way during periods of intensification of work.

The employee who sued TikTok for both financial and moral damages is not the first to sue his company in this field. In 2018, a Facebook employee sued Facebook for various psychological problems while overseeing the complained videos.

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