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TikTok has expanded its community policies!

TikTok has gone on to expand its community policies. In this context, it has decided to impose a ban on many issues. Here are the details…

TikTok announced on Tuesday that it aims to promote safety and well-being. At this point, he changed some of the community guidelines. Among the changes, the popular social media app introduced a stricter approach to dangerous acts such as suicide scams.

He first outlined the policy on such issues in November. Now community guidelines are highlighted in a separate category to make it easier for people to find. Previously, this section was part of TikTok’s suicide and self-harm policies. In addition, the social media app has posted videos encouraging people to stop, think and make decisions when they see risky online challenges.

TikTok aims to prevent misogyny

TikTok has explicitly banned misnamed, incorrect gender and misogyny in an update to its community policies. The misname is that someone intentionally or without the consent of a transgender person uses the old name of that individual without their consent. GLAAD called it an invasion of privacy that undermines the trans person’s true authentic identity and could put them at risk of discrimination or even violence.


The social media app prohibits content that promotes or promotes the practice of therapy, which is not scientifically valid, when therapy is used to try to transform LGBTQ individuals. Major medical and mental health organizations, including the American Medical Association and the American Psychological Association, condemned the practice. Some cities and states even have laws designed to protect people from it.

Cormac Keenan, TikTok’s Head of Trust and Security, posted a blog post on the subject. Here’s what he said:

“While these ideologies have long been banned in TikTok, we have heard from creators and non-governmental organizations that it is important to be open to our Community Guidelines.”

TikTok Head of Trust and Security Cormac Keenan

Updated community policies have also extended TikTok’s ban on content promoting eating disorders. In addition, policies focused on the security and integrity of the application have expanded. The social media app said the guidance changes would be implemented in the next few weeks.

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