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YouTube Music will focus on the user experience!

One of the features that YouTube Music users have been waiting for for a long time is finally about to be added to the mobile app.

New to music services compared to Spotify and Apple Music, YouTube Music serves millions of users. There are still some points where the application, which constantly offers new features to its user base, is missing.

One of the features that was felt most lacking was the ineplay of the songs. The new feature, previously seen on the website, is finally being added to the app.

Tracks can be added directly to the list on YouTube Music

If you want to add a track to your playlist in YouTube Music’s mobile apps, you’ll need to open the playlist and add it from that page first. It’s a waste of time in itself, and it’s on YouTube Music when it’s not the case that kills the user experience on Spotify. With the new update to YouTube Music, this dead experience is a thing of the past.

Although not yet available to everyone, the feature utgulamads appeared, which added the tracks directly to the playlist. Here are screenshots from lucky people who tried the feature early:

If you want to be one of the first to try this practical innovation, you can try joining YouTube Music’s beta program. Even if you’re in beta, there’s no guarantee that the feature will appear to you. But if you want to try this little innovation, you have to be among the lucky ones.

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