Adobe launches program to challenge Canva

Adobe is launching a new product today. This time, the company comes with its product with a simple interface.

Adobe,which has many programs in the field of design, continues to be a tool for many people. Applications such as Photoshop, which require professional knowledge in general, have a direct impact on the business life of many people. That’s why it launched an app called Creative Cloud Express, which has a simpler interface, requires less learning process, and is suitable for everyday use.

Creative Cloud Express is available for free

Creative Cloud Express,announced today by Adobe, combines a simplified interface with basic versions of image and video editing tools. The platform is being launched in many areas to be an alternative to image and video editing programs, especially on social media. Adobe said in a press release today.

Today, Adobe launched Creative Cloud Express, which makes it easy to create and share rich multimedia content, from social media posts and stories to invitations to marketing materials such as flyers and banners in logos. The program will allow content creation with the drag-and-drop technique. This will allow each user to express their creativity in just a few clicks. Creative Cloud Express leverages Adobe Sensei, the latest technology behind Adobe’s flagship apps like Photoshop, Premiere, and Acrobat.

The main features of Creative Cloud Express are;

  • Remove background features from photos, crop and merge videos, convert videos to GIFs.
  • Quick Actions tab supported by Adobe Sensei to convert/export PDFs in a few clicks.
  • Simple drag-and-drop functions to quickly customize thousands of templates.
  • 20,000 premium Adobe fonts and 175 million royalty-free licensed Adobe Stock images.
  • Advanced search and discovery capabilities powered by Adobe Stock Marketplace.

The ideabehind Creative Cloud Express is to provide nonprofessionals with the tools they need to bring their vision to life. So much so that many small business owners will be able to share the content they want on social media platforms without having to get professional support.

Adobealso aims to compete with Canva in this area. In addition to Adobe’s web app, Creative Cloud Express is now available in the Apple StoreGoogle Play Store, and Microsoft Storewith its free version.

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