All computers are in danger! Backdoor gap

A new vulnerability has been identified that threatens all computer users. The SysJoker backdoor gap is easy to hide.

We are accustomed to backdoor spyware that threatens Windows. But a new backdoor software called SysJoker is of the size that threatens all Windows, macOS and Linux systems. The spyware that managed to infiltrate all these systems cannot be detected by any virus programs at this time.

SysJoker can find backdoor vulnerabilities on all computers

Malware is now one of today’s routine concepts. The increase in the number of computers and users connecting to the Internet further whets the appetite of hackers. SysJoker backdoor software can mislead both users and virus programs. The software, which acts as an update file, is a kind of trojan horse that allows remote control. However, there has never been such a large attack on all three operating systems at the same time.

According to the initial information that has emerged, the software is hiding itself like an update file on both Windows and macOS systems. However, despite all the research, it is not yet clear how this malicious file infiltrated computers.

The biggest danger of malware is that no virus program on the market can detect it. However, security firm Intezerhas conducted significant research into this vulnerability. The company defined this backdoor software and made virus programs recognize it.

One of the most interesting features of the software is that it can threaten both ARM and Intel-based Mac computers on the macOS side. One of the biggest dangers of the software is that the macOS file has a digital signature. However, this signature is a temporary signature.

The backdoor software has a very interesting working style. Accordingly, the backdoor written in C++ creates the control server domain by decoding a string from a text file in Google Drive. During the researchers’ analysis, the server changed three times. Which means the attacker was active and monitoring infected computers.

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