A first in the history of England! Reached record high

December 31st and January 1st, the first day of the new year, saw the hottest New Year in the country’s history as temperatures reached record highs.

The UKexperienced the hottest “January 1st (New Year’s Day) in the country’s history, with temperatures rising above 16 degrees Celsius today following record temperatures on New Year’s Eve 31 December. Today, a “hottest New Year’s Day record” was recorded in St James’s Park in london, with Temperatures soaring to 16.2 degrees Celsius. The previous highest temperature on January 1st was recorded in Cornwall in the south of England in 1916 with a temperature of 15.6 degrees. Meteorology On December 31, the highest New Year’s Eve in history was recorded in merryfield, Somerset, Nantwich and Cheshire regions of the country, with temperatures of 15.8 degrees, his office said.


An official from the Bureau of Meteorology said the country’s average temperature in late December and early January is usually around 7-8 degrees Celsius, but southwestern winds have led to warmer weather across the country. The Bureau of Meteorology stressed that the flow of hot subtropical air, thought to come from the Azores Islands, will have an impact from Tuesday on cold winds blowing from the Arctic and lower temperatures. His office warned that daytime temperatures in Edinburgh were expected to drop to 3 degrees Celsius by Tuesday and 7 degrees Celsius in London and Cardiff, with northern parts of Scotland predicting wind and snow between midnight tuesday and Wednesday morning.SOMERSET House, home to an ice skating rink in
the capital London, has announced the closure of its ice rink due to high temperatures seen in the country.
“Due to the impact of the ongoing heat on the quality of the ice, we had to close our ice rink on January 1st,” the statement said.

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