Big scandal from the fast-food chain! Cooked chicken came out of the package.

A UK branch of the fast-food chain, which also has several branches in Turkey, has been the scene of a sickening scandal. The woman, who ordered from a restaurant in feltham, London, got the shock of her life when she opened the package that came to her house.

According to the British tabloid press; A cooked Chicken head came out of gabrielle’s package.

Gabriella, who left a message on the subject to a UK-Based online ordering platform, said: “I found a chicken head on my wing menu. It cooled me off from my food.”

Several comments were left under the photo, which was posted on the Instagram account Takeawaytrauma.

One user commented , “At least you know it’s real,” while another wrote, “I’d really like to go back two minutes in time.”

“We were shocked by the situation,” the company’s Twitter account said, which could not understand how an entire head was involved.

The company statement reads: “Simply put, we offer real chicken – and we are proud of it, but this clearly escapes the rigorous processes and controls we carry out with our suppliers, partners and teams who prepare everything fresh in our restaurants.”

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