British PM Johnson once again rejects calls to resign

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has once again rejected calls to resign as reactions continue to the uk’s Prime Minister’s office over the organising of parties where Covid-19 restrictions have been breached.

Pressure is mounting on Prime Minister Boris Johnsonto resign after it emerged that a Party was being held at the Prime Minister’s Office in Britain. As the police investigation into the parties continues, senior constable Sue Gray’s report on the parties is expected to be handed over to the Prime Minister’s Office today at Johnson’s request. Prime Minister Johnson was again called upon by the opposition wing to resign during prime minister’s questions in the House of Commons. Labour leader Keir Starmer said Johnson should resign but instead misled parliament. “The reality is that we now have an embarrassing sight where a British Prime Minister is subjected to a police investigation, unable to run the country, do the right thing and become more and more complicit in the silence of his cabinet,” Starmer said.

Starmer asked senior officer Gray’s report to be released as is without interference. Referring to the police investigation into the parties in question, Starmer asked Johnson, “Does the Prime Minister really not understand the damage his behavior is doing to our country?” Johnson said, “We should leave the report to independent investigators. Of course, when I get the report, I will do as I say.” Johnson also said in response to Starmer that he would not “resign” over party scandals in Downing Street, but said he could not comment on the police investigation.

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