WhatsApp has started distributing money to users!

The ‘refund’ feature has been introduced to encourage users in India to transfer money via WhatsApp.

WhatsApp, which operates under the umbrella of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerg’s new company Meta, launched Payments support in India in November 2020. Thanks to this feature, which is translated into Turkish as ‘Payments’, users can send and receive money to each other through WhatsApp’s mobile application.

WhatsApp Payments, which is intended to rival digital payment services such as Google Pay, PhonePe and Paytm in India, did not see the expected demand. Meta (formerly Facebook), which was determined to redirect users who were going to exchange money with each other to WhatsApp, began looking for the remedy in the Cashback feature.

WhatsApp to refund per transaction

The beloved messaging platform will refund users who send money from WhatsApp to encourage the use of payments. 51 Indian Rupees ($6.49) for each transaction will be returned to the sender’s account.

A user who sent money 5 times using WhatsApp Payments received a total payment of up to 255 Indian Rupees (about $32). The screenshot, which is understood to have taken place on October 29, was posted online by WABetaInfo as evidence of the payment and refund.

whatsapp refund
WhatsApp refunded a certain amount to a user who sent money.

WhatsApp’s Payments feature is currently active in Brazil and India. Although it was announced in 2018, its availability has not yet become widespread. The company was hampered by the country’s Central Bank when it launched the service in Brazil. The Central Bank of Brazil has warned Visa and Mastercard to suspend WhatsApp Payments.

As a result, WhatsApp’s money transfer feature was temporarily discontinued in the country. Shortly after that, however, the company resolved its crisis with the Central Bank. In April 2021, Payments was officially introduced in Brazil. It remains unclear when he will arrive with Turkey in the rest of the world.

Meta’s logo is placed on WhatsApp

When you open WhatsApp, the word ‘from Facebook’ is removed. The reason this has been in the app so far is because WhatsApp operates within Facebook. However, when the company rebranded and collected all the platforms under Meta, the legal owner of WhatsApp changed as well.

And what do you guys think about that? Would you entrust your critical transactions, such as money transfers, to WhatsApp? Don’t forget to state your ideas in the comments.

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