German markets closed mixed with DAX gaining 0.01%.

According to your report, the German stock markets were mixed on Thursday’s closing. The market rose due to an increase in shares in the Food & Beverage, Consumer & Cyclical, and Transportation & Logistics sectors, while the market fell due to a decrease in shares in the Construction, Retail, and Financial Services sectors.

At the close of the Frankfurt stock exchange, the DAX increased by 0.01%, while the MDAX index decreased by 1.29%, and the TecDAX index increased by 0.40%.

Adidas AG (ETR:ADSGN) performed the best on the trading floor under DAX, rising by 2.96% or 4.36 points to 151.86. Meanwhile, Sartorius AG Vz (ETR:SATG_p) rose by 1.99% or 7.90 points to 405.60, while Siemens Energy AG (ETR:ENR1n) rose by 1.90% or 0.38 points to 20.38.

Vonovia SE (ETR:VNAn) performed the worst on the trading floor, falling by 5.12% or 1.14 points to 21.12. Hannover Rueck SE (ETR:HNRGn) fell by 3.40% or 6.20 points to 176.20, while Zalando SE (ETR:ZALG) lost 2.83% or 1.07 points to 36.72.

Under MDAX, Nordex SE (ETR:NDXG) performed the best, rising by 6.09% to 15.43, while Gerresheimer AG (ETR:GXIG) gained 5.08% to 88.95. Carl Zeiss Medi (ETR:AFXG) closed at 136.60, up 2.32%.

LEG Immobilien AG (ETR:LEGn) performed the worst, falling by 11.44% to 60.08. United Internet AG (ETR:UTDI) fell by 7.44% to 18.65, while Aroundtown Property Holdings PLC (ETR:AT1) lost 6.33% to 2.31

The top performer SMA Solar Technology AG (ETR:S92G), traded under TecDAX, was up 9.68% at 79.35, while Nordex SE (ETR:NDXG) was up 6.09% to 15.43. Carl Zeiss Medi (ETR:AFXG) was up 2.32% to close at 136.60.

The worst performer, United Internet AG (ETR:UTDI), was down 7.44% to trade at 18.65. Aixtron SE (ETR:AIXGn) was down 4.95% to trade at 27.84 while Siltronic AG (ETR:WAFGn) was down 3.90% to close at 69.00.

While the number of depreciating stocks in the Frankfurt Stock Exchange was 409, the ones that gained value were determined as 261. In addition, 90 stocks remained stable.

Shares of Gerresheimer AG (ETR:GXIG) rose 5.08%, or 4.30%, to a 52-week high of 88.95.

DAX New Volatility, the implied measure of volatility for the DAX, fell 1.02% to 17.41 points. It hit a one-month low.

Gold Futures for April delivery gained 0.88%, or 15.95, to trade at $1.00 an ounce. Elsewhere in commodities, Crude Oil WTI Futures for April delivery fell 0.50%, or 0.38, to trade at $76.28 a barrel. Meanwhile, Brent Oil Futures for May delivery fell 0.50%, or 0.41, to trade at $82.25 a barrel.

EUR/USD is trading at 1.06, holding steady 0.36%, while EUR/GBP is trading at 0.89, holding steady at 0.37%.

Dollar Index Futures were down 0.41% to trade at 105.20.

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