Real-life Squid Game platform from Netflix!

For Squid Game, the production that made Netflix millions of dollars, the company created a platform in real life. Here are the details…

Netflix’s most-watched South Korean series in a short time; A real-life platform has been created for Squid Game. The project, which was launched in Los Angeles, attracts attention.

Squid Gameis about a group of 456 people who are struggling financially throughout their lives to win the big prize money worth 45.6 billion Won by playing various children’s games. The interesting thing is, the contestants don’t know that the people who were eliminated in the first place were killed.

Netflix builds Squid Game space in Los Angeles

Netflix created the Squid Game platform in real life. The company thus aims to celebrate not only the show’s huge popularity, but also the Halloween season. Since Hwang Dong-hyuk’s original series debuted on Netflix last month, it’s been a long time coming. it spread rapidly all over the world and rose.

In addition to being one of Netflix’s most watched streams of all time; Many people wonder how to play this game in real life. Netflix’s platform for playing some of Squid Game’s games in Los Angeles; It allows people to experience this game.

Netflix isn’t just on the platform with its spooky baby in a red light, green light game. It is possible to experience portraits taken before games, Dalgona cookies and many more items on the playground.

Netflix tweeted: “Red light! Green light! As a Halloween surprise, as a daily event for people who dare to play; Squid Game We launched it in Koreatown, Los Angeles.”

Netflix spends $21.4 million on Squid Game

The company spent about $2.4 million on each episode of Squid Game — more than $1.4 million,Bloomberg reported, 1,000 years after Netflix obtained non-public documents. The cost of season one is said to be $21.4 million in total. Detailing the show’s total return, Bloomberg claimed netflix may have made $891 million thanks to the first season.

According to reports, 132 million people watched at least two minutes of the Squid Game series in the first 23 days. It is stated that 89 percent of those who opened the show continued to watch for at least 75 minutes. Meanwhile, 87 million people, 66 percent of them, are in the same world as 66 percent. Squid finished the game in his first 23 days. As a whole, it turns out that the citizens who watched the show spent more than 1.4 billion hours.

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