Huawei is making a big move! The company that sells millions of technology products to the world has set its sights on the crypto sector!

Chinese technology giant Huawei’s cloud arm announced a major partnership with several blockchain companies at the launch of the Metaverse and Web3 Alliance project, which aims to facilitate the rapid adoption and widespread use of these technologies in East Asia and beyond, with a value of millions of dollars.

According to WeChat’s announcement on February 25th, Huawei Cloud announced a collaboration with Polygon (MATIC), Deepbrain Chain (DBC), Morpheus Labs (MITX), and Blockchain Solutions at the 2023 Huawei Cloud Asia Pacific Partnership Leaders Summit held in Bali, Indonesia on February 23rd.

Is Sky the Limit? Morpheus Labs CEO Pei-Han commented on the partnership and launch announcement, emphasizing that the company is a key partner of Huawei Metaverse and Web3 Alliance in the project.

The summit, held from February 22-24, brought together not only metaverse and Web3 Alliance partners but also other companies in the region, such as Cloudsec Asia, Sirius, HKT Enterprise Solutions, China Telecom, China Mobility, and China Unicom, to discuss efforts to expand technology access.

According to the report, Huawei Cloud distributes cloud services, artificial intelligence (AI), and big data to governments and businesses in about 30 countries, aiming to achieve digital transformation and increase productivity, serving approximately 730 million end users worldwide.

Huawei is not stopping its expansion efforts, and the recent blockchain alliance formed between companies is just one of its efforts to expand into new technologies. In November 2021, Huawei announced its goal to launch 6G networks by 2030, even though 5G technology is still relatively new on the global stage.

Taking the latest announcement into consideration, Tencent Cloud, the cloud arm of the world-renowned technology company Tencent, has been following earlier news about its partnership with decentralized technology projects, including Ankr (ANKR), Avalanche (AVAX), Layer 1 network Sui, and Ethereum (ETH) Layer 2 zkEVM scaling solution Scroll, in order to support the development of the global Web3 ecosystem.

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