Interest Rate Call from Elon Musk and Bill Ackman to FED!

After the banking crisis in the USA in the past weeks, expectations for the Fed to lower interest rates have increased.

Two famous names, American billionaire investor Bill Ackman and Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk, were among those waiting for a discount from the FED.

Calling the Fed to cut interest rates on Twitter, Bill Ackman said he thinks the Fed should temporarily halt its policy in order to stabilize the local banking system and prevent contamination.

Pointing out that the banking crisis has affected stock and bond holders in the USA, Ackman stated that he believes the turbulence in the banking sector remains unresolved.

Pointing out that a possible increase in interest rates will be the ninth consecutive increase, the famous billionaire claimed that this increase may cause additional investor losses and a domino effect in the collapse of banks.

“FED should stop on Wednesday. We’ve had a series of major shocks to the system. Three US bank closures in one week destroyed stock and bond holders.

We don’t yet know where the losses for investors in these institutions are and what the contagion effects might be. The deposit has become unstable.

Inflation is still a problem and the FED needs to continue to show determination on this issue.

But Powell can do this by pausing so that the impact of recent events can be assessed and making it clear that this is a temporary pause.

He may make it clear that his intention is to continue raising interest rates at the next meeting, unless the banking crisis is resolved and it alone does not slow the economy sufficiently.

Considering everything as a whole, financial stability is the FED’s primary responsibility, so there is no environment in which the FED should raise rates and put additional pressure on the system.”

Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who supports Bill Ackman’s sharing, also thinks that the FED should lower interest rates.

“The Fed should cut the rate by at least 50 basis points on Wednesday,” Musk commented.

It is also considered by crypto analysts that the FED’s decrease in interest rates or keeping it constant can be very beneficial for all cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin (BTC).

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