Russia’s invasion response to the U.S.

The Russian Embassy in Washington said U.S. accusations that Russia was looking for an excuse to invade Ukraine were unfounded and baseless, confirmation of the ongoing information pressure on Moscow.

Russia responded to statements by the White House and Pentagon that”Russiais looking for an excuse to attack Ukraine.” “We have noted the remarks made by the White House and Pentagon Press Secretary in their briefings that Russia is seeking an excuse to invade Ukraine,” the Russian Embassy in Washington said in a statement on social media. The scenario of “fake information” put forward by the US administration being processed and made into an agenda through the press continues, he said. Such statements confirm the pressure of information on our country and repeat the same scenario. Russia is against war. We are in favour of a diplomatic solution to all international problems.” WE WARN THE U.S. …

“We want to warn our US colleagues against such adventures.

We would like to reiterate that the US accusations against us, both at the official level and through the press, are unfounded and are not based on any basis. We call on the United States to participate in important work to ensure security guarantees based on the draft agreements proposed by the Russian side.”

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said at yesterday’s press conference that “we have information that
Russia has already deployed some of its agents to the region to conduct misleading operations in eastern Ukraine.”
Psaki claimed that Russia planned the operations to “pave the way for the invasion of Ukraine.” U.S. Defense Department spokesman John Kirby confirmed the allegation at a daily news conference that Russia was “looking for an excuse” to attack Ukraine, according to intelligence sources, and that it was deploying its agents to Ukraine’s east coast from the front.

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