The famous billionaire wants to extend his human life!

Famous billionaire Brian Armstrong has made an astonishing venture. Successful business person aims to extend human life.

Coinbasefounder billionaire businessman Brian Armstrong has entered the spotlight with a different topic. The tech world, which has recently started to push human biology, will also have new trials with Armstrong. He laid the foundations for his new venture, NewLimit.

Brian Armstrong,who founded the company, is also partnering with Blake Byers. The first press release from NewLimit,which the two founded, also appeared.

Brian Armstrong wants to extend human lifespan

Humanphysiology, which has been on elon musk’s agenda, seems to lead to the strain of boundaries. Musk wants to implant a chip in the brain, while Brian Armstrong wants to extend our lives. NewLimit,founded for epigenetic reprogramming, is also quite ambitious. The company said the diseases could be easily cured.

NewLimit,which will benefit from machine learning technology, aims to prevent aging. The information conveyed in the company’s press release is as follows:

NewLimitwill in-depth question the epigenetic factors of aging. It will also start by developing products that can regenerate tissues to treat certain patient populations. Simply put, we want to find a way to regain the potential for renewal that we had when we were young but somehow lost. We hope that capital will not be a limiting factor for the next few years.

NewLimit,which is now expected to await its investors, will remain on the agenda for a long time with the race it is involved in. The company, which will be involved in some of the recent controversy, aims to make a name for itself on COVID-19. NewLimit,which has not yet embarked on detailed work, is expected to act with investments.

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos(pictured) recently embarked on a new anti-ageing project, which also demonstrates the popularity of the situation. The projects where cell renewal is kept in focus are still welcome as drafts. It seems that in the future we will see the tech giants competing in different fields. Let’s see if Brian Armstrong and Blake Byers can achieve their goal with NewLimit.

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