Dying Light 2 gets its first free DLC pack, the Authority Pack!

Dying Light 2 has the first free DLC pack, the Authority Pack. Techland said it would be given to players in three parts

Dying Light 2 delighted players with a free DLC called the Authority Pack after launch. At this point, Techland gave the contents of the Authority Pack, the first Dying Light DLC pack, to the players. In the DLC, players who side with the game’s militaristic Peacekeepers have the right to represent their chosen unit with a new armor set and a new weapon.

The Authority Pack, the first free DLC pack from Dying Light 2, comes out for everyone to download, but only a third of the content is available for players to download. Today, players can buy cargo pants and a scary jacket. At this point, that’s all the players can get.

Dying Light 2 Authority Pack is available in three parts

The other part of the Authority Pack is released in two days on February 16. It also includes an Intimidating glove seta windshist and skin guards. The final contents of the package consist of a two-handed Authority hammer. He’s coming up against the players this FridayFebruary 18th.

The contents of the second DLC pack coming to Dying Light 2 have been announced, although the contents are not yet known. When this DLC, called the Ronin Pack, is released, it gives players a Samurai outfit. This allows them to roam around Villedor and split zombies in two with a sword.

These two free DLC seem to be just the beginning of dying light 2’s post-launch support. Techland has promised to bring new content to the game over the next five years. A roadmap for Dying Light 2 includes a number of new challenges coming in March, mutated infected events in April, and the first paid story DLC in June.


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