Good news for Battlefield 2042 players!

The planned update for Battlefield 2042 is finally coming. DICE will release the plugin with hundreds of fixes.

Battlefield 2042is looking for ways to recover from its eventful debut. Released in partnership with DICE and EA, the production received such bad returns that it became the most unsuccessful game in the series. The game, in which players also make harsh comments due to their mistakes, is on the road to recovery.

DICE,which announced in December that they will release a major update, will not wait long for the players. Because the countdown to the new update has begun.

Planned update for Battlfield 2042 coming

The update, which includes many bug fixes, will be available to players at 11:00 a.m. Turkish time. The fix will have more than 150map improvements and also innovations in gameplay. In general, it will be learned that the user interface will work more optimized, while the weekly tasks section for players will also be opened. Expectations of wide-ranging fixes are also high. Gamersare looking forward to fixing the problems.

ThePortal, battlefield’s most important advertising topic, will also get its share of improvements. DICEwill be free of bots after receiving complaints and a special add-on will be added to the game mode where only the vehicles are used. In addition, another mode will be added to the Portal that we are used to from Counter Strike games. With the new Gun Master, you’ll be able to buy weapons by collecting points from your disarmed enemies.

The size of the patch, which will be available for sale under the name update 0.3.0, has not yet been determined. However, dice’slist on its website signals that there will be not many heartwarming dimensions. The studio also announced that frame rate drops in the game will be avoided, and hopes battlefield 2042will be better than when it first came out.

Battlefield 2042

In addition, the fact that the update announced at the beginning of December will come immediately on the second day of the month is a significant development. Compared to Almost Cyberpunk 2077, Battlefield 2042can earn players’ appreciation if the update is successful. However, we can say that DICEis going through a difficult process in the coming days. Notes of the update with hundreds of fixes can be found here.

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