Valorant has announced a new reporting system!

The famous video game Valorant announced its new reporting system AlarmBot via its official Twitter account.

Valorant is one of the most popular video games and is played by millions of players every day. It is especially difficult to find players who cheat in games where there are a large number of players. Valorant announced the new reporting system to its users in a post.

Valorant has activated the AlarmBot system!

Valorant posted on his official Twitter account. The post detailed the game’s new reporting system. The post said: “We have been following your complaints about players who pollute the VALORANT community with their negative behavior for some time. We don’t think these players have a place among us. Let us know these behaviors with #AlarmBot and we will fight together.”

In addition, the company said in another post that its new reporting system, AlarmBot, is currently only available to users in Turkey. It added: “For now, we have launched #AlarmBot exclusively for Turkey to take the gaming experience to the next level with your contributions. We look forward to your support.”

Valorant said in a written statement that some players had disturbing behavior. They were asked to be notified when they encountered behaviors in the zero tolerance category. The following words were made regarding the reporting process.

“Our system is actually very simple. When you encounter zero-tolerance behavior, take a screenshot or video recording by any way and transmit the Riot ID of the player who performs this behavior to us via the [email protected] address or under the “Report Gamer” option through the player support system.”

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