This Is How a Whale’s Self-Inflicted Explosion Caught on Camera…

That’s how a whale exploded on its own, naturally!

A beautiful, open California day when an unidentified object ripples over  the water… A closer look at the object shows that it was actually the body of a bulging whale that was floating thanks to the gases that emerged after its death. And then this lifeless body is scattered in the air with a big bang, and it’s covered in blood!

If this looks like something you want to see, WTF! Thanks to Outdoors, you can watch it second by second. The account, which posted the video on YouTube, says the explosion occurred off the California coast near Tomales Bay. It’s unclear exactly what type of whale this body belongs to, as video footage shows only the final moments before the big bang, but the most common marine mammals in the region are gray whales, blue whales and humpback whales.

Since the video quickly turns into a “Guess The Inside Organ” game, it can be said that it is “biologically interesting”, as mentioned in the YouTube comments. After the first bloody explosion, almost all the organs of the dead whale come out of the body’s mouth.

Explosions like this are considered a natural part of decomposition for these animals, and stories of exploding whales can be heard in many parts of the world. Dead whales with gas in their bellies are making their way to the beaches and shores.

While their wide mouths and large body cavities can hold the explosion of death for a long time, they often eventually lead to a dramatic effect. Residents of Tainan, Taiwan, learned the hard way after a 60-ton sperm whale exploded on a busy street en route to a research facility for an autopsy. In this example, the whale’s intestines were ejected from its abdomen with a tear that rained blood and intestines on shops and homes. The resulting devastation received mixed reactions, with some commenting on the terrible smell, while others flocked to the area to “experience the interesting event.”

And of course, when you’re talking about whale explosions, not to mention the Great Whale Explosion in Oregon in 1970. However, in this case, the explosion was not natural, but by human hands. After a sperm whale weighing about 14 metres washed up on the beach in Florence, the authorities decided they had no choice but to create an explosion to get rid of this body, and the consequences of this decision were quite “interesting”.

Apparently, blowing up a whale can be a good example of the Goldilocks Principle: you need to use exactly the right volume of explosives. Extremes can be considered; You can either use enough explosives to launch the carcass into the sea, or you can use explosives to completely destroy the whale. What you don’t want is to stay somewhere in between, where the highway section tasked with blowing up the Oregon whale found itself that November.

The resulting explosion was described by viewers asa “powerful burstof tomato juice”, with huge chunks of oil scattered around. Whale fragments traveled a considerable distance before hitting buildings, cars and humans. The people of Oregon gleefully decided to embrace their heritage by naming a park after the horrific incident…

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