“The Blockchain Association supports Tornado Cash.”

The Blockchain Association, which is lobbying to break the pressure on the industry in the United States, supports Tornado Cash, which is subject to sanctions.

According to the decision taken by the association yesterday, it was revealed that Tornado Cash users would support the counterclaim filed by them. Six different American citizens using the application filed a lawsuit on the grounds that the sanction decision was unlawful. Defendants include the Department of the Treasury, Janet Yellen, OFAC and its chairman, Andrea Gacki.

Defining themselves as “Van Loon and his friends”, the plaintiff group emphasized that constitutional rights were violated in the indictment they submitted to the judge:

“The government and the institutions involved threaten the financial freedom and capabilities of American citizens.”

“People Should Be Sanctioned”

Blockchain Association executives acknowledge the malicious use of the platform in question. But they believe that next to the dry, the age should not burn.

Speaking to the press, the director of the association, Kristin Smith, said the following about the Tornado Cash incident:

“We call on OFAC to take the right decision on Tornado Cash. The platform cannot be banned altogether just because malicious people use it. A large audience is using Tornado Cash to provide privacy. People, not initiatives, should be the subject of sanctions.”

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