A Dog-Sized Scorpion: Meet Eurypterida!

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  • Hibs and Ross County fans on final
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Scorpions are scary enough as they are. Now imagine that scorpions are the size of dogs… Eurypterida, that’s the kind!

As small as it is, when we see a scorpion, almost all of us are startled. Well, imagine that scorpions were once the size of dogs and were a species that lived underwater… We don’t think you want to go into that sea. But these animals really existed for a while.

The species, called eurypterida, is an extinct species of arthropod. While the oldest known Eurypterids date back to the Ordovisiyen – Darriya period 467.3 million years ago, a new discovery suggests that this species once lived in southern Chinese waters.

Eurypterids are a lineage with the largest known arthropods ever lived. The largest of these is Jaekelopterus, while its size of 2.5 meters is quite daunting. But among them were very small ones; most species were less than 20 centimeters; The smallest was called Alkenopterus and was only 2.03 centimeters long. Eurypterid fossils can be found on any continent. While most of the fossils were taken from fossil sites in North America and Europe, a fossil that appeared in the South China Sea added another to the family.

The name of the species is Terropterus xiushanensis, and while this species makes a difference with the presence of thorns in the tail part in the Eurypterids, it also has different thorns in its fore arms, short and long. In the report, T. Xiushanensis is characterized by a unique array of thorns, while it is specifically described as an enlarged prosomal limb and an entity 1 meter long.

To think that these dog-sized scorpions are still present must be the equivalent of living in a horror movie. Fortunately, it’s extinct. It is thought that it was the earth’s entry into the ice age that caused it.

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