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Apple Is Trying Something Again: This Time It’s AirPods’ Turn to Surprise!

Apple is making plans to take wireless headphones to a very different dimension than AirPods: Apple’s headphones can also come into our lives in the field of health!

Apple is exploring health-care options for Its AirPod headphones, the Wall Street Journal reported. In addition to being used as hearing support devices, the headphones can also be used to alert against posture disorders using motion sensors. According to the leaked documents, a prototype with a thermometer attachment, which can also be used as a fire meter, has already been prepared.

Although Apple has not made any statements about it, there is talk that these new features could come in 2022. But if Apple is also considering marketing these devices as health devices, then it has to get the necessary permissions from the health ministry. It is necessary not to go without mentioning that the approval processes in this regard are also long and laborious. Bose, for example, had to wait a long time to launch its FDA-approved headphones.

From a technical point of view, there are some problems with this. AirPods Pro has a running time of 4.5 hours listening to music and 3.5 hoursfor continuous speech. If it is to be kept in the ear all day long and is to be able to collect data continuously, the battery life needs to be increased many times. In addition, a headset that will remain in the ear throughout the day needs to be extremely comfortable so that it does not disturb the user.

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