“What was the opening of Borsa Istanbul like today?”

BIST 100 index started the day at 5,026.36 points with a partial increase of 0.15%.

BIST 100 closed at 5,018.7 points, down 0.8% in yesterday’s transactions. In the stock market, where seller-weighted transactions continue this week, the total transaction volume was 48.2 billion TL yesterday. While the price of 1 share in BIST 100 did not change, the price of 66 shares decreased.

In the stock market, which started the day with light buyers, sports, textile and factoring were the sectors that started with a decline, while SME, construction and printing were at the top of the sectors that started the day on a positive note. Industrial, services and financials, on the other hand, have a slightly positive horizontal outlook at the opening.

Among the stocks included in the BIST 100 index, ALFAS, TMSN and BASGZ were the stocks that started the day with the highest value increase. BRYAT, FENER, IPEKE and KOZAA shares were among the top selling shares at the opening.

The shares of the new companies of the stock exchange, KOPOL and CVKMD, continue their ceiling series. Today, DOKTA and VKING shares also started the day with a ceiling price. IMASM, on the other hand, has been trading at the base price since the beginning of the week.

Asian indices closed the day negative in international markets. European indices also started the day with sellers. US indices, on the other hand, remained neutral yesterday and closed the day in a flat course. In the first hours of the day, US and European futures indices were moving with sellers.

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