Who will get the FIFA naming rights after EA Sports?

After EA Sports and the FIFA front end the deal, the issue of who will receive the naming rights after FIFA 22 is eagerly awaited.

EA Sports said recently that it has terminated its agreement with FIFA and that the game will be referred to as EA Sports FC in the new period. It is already a question of who will reach an agreement with the post-FIFA 22 organization.

No suitors yet for post-FIFA 22 naming rights

The series, which was released in 1993, ended in the fifa international soccer in each new year for a period of about 30 years. Recently, EA Sports announced that FIFA naming rights will not be renewed and will continue as EA Sports FC.

Cam Weber, senior manager at EA Sports, explained that the series now needs serious innovation and that not renewing naming rights will not affect licensed players and teams. The latest news also suggests that EA Sports’ decision was financially justified. Accordingly, FIFA has requested a $1 billion deal from EA Sports to register naming rights in the new term. And he wanted this deal to be valid for four years.

EA Sports, which has avoided paying a full $4 billion bill, has tentatedly resun out of FIFA naming rights in the new era. In this case, a strong brand like FIFA is in vain and its suitors are expected to be many. The first name that comes to mind is KONAMI… However, the fact that the company has recently moved to eFootball 2022 and switched to a free-to-play model suggests that this possibility is slim.

Although it has not been in this sector in recent years, another candidate is Sony. Sony, which developed games such as Virtua Striker, This is Football and Red Card Soccer years ago, also has enough financial power to claim naming rights. Microsoft, which is engaged in a major console battle with Sony in the new era, is another company that comes to mind… Although they have no background in football game development, it may be possible for them to make such an initiative as an investment in the future.

Finally, there are two other important companies that come to mind: 2K Games and Sports Interactive… Sports Interactive, which is the first company that comes to mind in management games with its 2K and Football Manager series, which has dominated the industry in basketball games for years, may also want to add the FIFA brand by taking on this financial burden.

And what do you guys think about that? Don’t forget to share your feedback with us in the comments section.

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