“Biogen earnings beat expectations at $0.12 per share, with higher than expected profits.”

First-quarter earnings per share were $3.40, $0.12 better than analysts’ expectations of $3.28, according to a Biogen (NASDAQ: BIIB) report.

The profit released for this quarter is $2.46B. Analyst expectations were $2.34B.


Biogen’s Fiscal Year 2023 earnings per share is $15.00-16.00. Analyst estimates were announced as $ 15.48.

Biogen stock closed the day at $293.03. This level indicates that the company gained 0.38% in three months. It shows that the stock has gained 41.57% in the last 12 months.

Biogen has seen 1 positive earnings per share and 11 negative earnings per share over the past 90 days.

Check out how Biogen’s share price has reacted to past earnings reports here.

According to InvestingPro, Biogen’s financial health score is “Performing Pretty Good”.

Check out Biogen’s latest earnings reports and full financial information here.

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