“The prices of soybeans and corn rose in Argentina due to the lower production expectations.”

Futures for soybeans traded on the Chicago stock market rose to a one-week high, while corn prices rose for the second consecutive session as further cuts in Argentina’s harvest forecasts bolstered prices.

Wheat declined, giving back yesterday’s gains, but Russia’s criticism of the Black Sea grain agreement, which allows grain exports from Ukraine, limited the losses.

Soybean futures contracts with the highest trading volume on the Chicago exchange
After reaching the highest level since April 5 at $15.13/bushel, or $555.9/ton, at the beginning of the session, it rose 0.6% to $15.12/bushel, or $555.6/ton.

It rose 0.1% to $6.56/bushel, or $258.3/ton.

It fell 0.5% to $6.76/bushel, or $248.4/tonne.

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