Difficult moments of Turkish treasurers! When they hit the pickaxe, there was screaming coming from the ground, blood on top of them.

A video shared on social media resonated widely. The video shows the difficult moments experienced by citizens who want to extract treasure. Faced with the sound of screams when they intervened in the ground, the treasurers were injured in the foot by an attack by an object or objects they did not know what was happening.

Interesting and enigmatic videos continue to be shared on the social media platform TikTok. The video, which features the difficult moments of Turkish treasurers in TikTok, became one of the most watched.

Turkish treasurers went to the area where they had been researching for some time and carried out a study to extract treasure. The treasurers, who then moved to dig up the spot they had identified, faced an unexpected event.

Just as the treasurers were heading for the ground, the startling scream rose. Unknown objects or objects in the soil did not bring the treasurers near them.

Surprised by what they had come by with the sound of the earth, the treasurers began to flee, but were not successful enough. When they came to, the treasurers who looked at them saw blood everywhere.

Turkish treasurers, who were in great fear after the incident, decided not to go back to the same area for now. However, the whereabouts of the woodland in the video are not yet known.

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