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7 tactics for making the most eye-catching Instagram Reels videos

Reels videos, one of the newest but also the most popular sharing types of Instagram, are loved by both the platform and the users. Here are the tips that you should keep in mind to make Instagram reels videos more effective, which will stand out in the algorithm and allow more users to see you...

Explore the Instagram reels algorithm

Whatever you do, the first thing to do is to explore the world you have entered. If you are making reels videos to reach more people on Instagram, not to have fun with your friends, you should discover the Instagram reels algorithm. Just seeing which tags stand out can put you in front of hundreds of thousands of users at once.

Follow the trends

As in all social media platforms, some topics, sounds or images become much more popular on Instagram from time to time. In particular, there is no one who does not do some currents. For this reason, you should follow the trends of Instagram reels and take your place among these trends by making videos suitable for your profile.

Catch your own style

Of course, if you say I’ll do whatever is popular, you’ll be lost. The important thing is to create your own style. Because users like the unique style of a profile. Even if that profile is doing a trend that everyone does, it attracts attention because it does it with its own style. For this reason, perhaps your first priority is to choose the stance you will reflect with reels videos on social media.

Don’t settle for 15 seconds

You can publish Instagram reels videos as 15, 30, 60 or 90 seconds. For beginners, even 15 seconds may be a difficult gap to fill, but when we look at the statistics, it is seen that Instagram users are much more interested in videos that are 30 seconds and 60 seconds. Maybe 90 seconds can be long at times. That’s why you should aim for reels videos of at least 30 seconds.

Think strategically when cutting the music

With Instagram reels tools, you can add the music or sound you want to your video, but you have to be careful because you have to cut the music yourself. If you want the music to start somewhere and continue somehow, you will have a video that is not very pleasant to watch. The cut is as important as the choice of music. A well-arranged reels video where it started, where it peaked and how it ended went viral within hours.

Make sure the subtitles work

Adding captions is extremely important, as many Instagram users watch reels videos with the sound off. But don’t go and create captions to fill the whole screen. The subtitles you add to your video should be easy to read. If you add captivating captions in the first few seconds, users who see it will turn up the audio and watch your video more carefully.

Make your covers attractive and understandable

The cover photo of Instagram reels videos is extremely important because users decide on that cover before opening a video. The cover you create should both tell what is in the content and arouse the curiosity of the user to open that video. Never use covers that attract attention but have nothing to do with the content.

We have shared some tips you need to know by answering the question of how to make Instagram reels videos, one of the most popular sharing types of recent times. Try your luck these days when we can all be publishers now, who knows, maybe your star will shine with reels videos.

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