198 children lost their lives in Russia’s attacks on Ukraine

As the Russia-Ukraine war continues, civilian casualties are increasing. In a statement made by the press service of the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine, “More than 553 children were affected by the attacks of Russia. In addition, 198 children lost their lives and 355 children were injured.

Noting that the last figure announced is not up-to-date data, the authorities stated that the work in the liberated areas continues.

Authorities said 117 in Donetsk region, 105 in Kyiv region, 81 in Kharkov, 54 in Chernihiv, 40 in Mikolayiv, 38 in Kherson, 36 in Luhansk, 23 in Zaporizhia region, 16 in capital Kiev, 16 in Sumi region and Zhitomir. announced that 15 children in the region were affected by the Russian attacks. It was also stated that 1,18 educational institutions were damaged in

Russia’s attacks in Ukraine , And 95 Of Them Were Completely Destroyed. Two Children , aged 9 and 11, were killed in the Russian attack yesterday in the village of Oleksandrivka in the Kharkov region.

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