Do Kwon Paid Lawyers Before Terra Crashed!

Do Kwon, the man behind the Terra (LUNA) ecosystem that collapsed last year, was arrested in Montenegro at the end of March. Kwon, who is on trial in Eastern Europe, has been accused of other countries as the process continues.

South Korean prosecutors investigating the fugitive crypto developer have obtained evidence that Kwon may have known about the collapse earlier. According to local sources, prosecutors revealed that Do Kwon paid $7 million to law firm Kim & Chang before the Terra collapse.

Sources state that the evil intention of the Terra founder was revealed with the payment he made before the collapse. The new evidence could significantly change the course of the ongoing fraud case in Korea.

Law Firm Visited Montenegro!

South Korean prosecutors determined that lawyers working at the law firm in question had recently traveled to Montenegro. Kwon, who has not been seen since the Terra collapse, was arrested in Montenegro while trying to flee to Dubai using false documents.

South Korea and the United States simultaneously requested extradition for Kwon, who was arrested in Europe. However, Montenegrin authorities have yet to decide on where the Terra founder will be extradited.

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