Breaking news: Flash alert from Bill Gates… Explained the next threat

As coronavirus (Covid-19), which has been in our lives since 2019, continues to take lives around the world, a very clear warning came from Bill Gates. Bill Gates, whose name has been mentioned with conspiracy theories since the beginning of the pandemic, has made a lot of statements about the coronavirus and the next danger that awaits the world.

As the world’s fight against Coronavirus continues at full speed, there has been a lot of talk from Bill Gates.

History justified Gates, who in 2015 warned that we were not prepared for an outbreak like Covid-19.

Speaking at the Munich Security Conference in Germany, Gates gave good news and bad news.

Underlining that the risk of getting seriously ill in the coronavirus is very low, Gates issued a much-talked about warning for the new pandemic.


Gates told CNBC’s Hadley Gamble that a potential new pandemic would likely be caused by a different pathogen from the Coronavirus family.

‘We’re going to have another outbreak,’ Gates said. Next time it will be a different pathogen’.

Gates added that making the right investments now will help the world better fight the new pandemic.

Citing Australia’s fight against the coronavirus as an example, Gates said, ‘If every country did what Australia did, there would be no epidemic right now.’


Gates also stressed that advances in medical technology could reduce vaccine production times to six months.

The Latest: Flash alert from Bill Gates... Explained the next threat

Gates, whose book How to Prevent the Next Pandemic will be released on May 3, wrote last week:

‘In the book, I lay out the specific steps we can take not only to stop future pandemics, but also to provide better health care for everyone in the world in the process. I’m outlining the lessons we can learn from this epidemic, the innovations we need to save lives, and the new tools we need to stop pathogens early and fairly.’


The book also includes regular interviews with public health leaders such as Anthony Fauci and Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Gates said, adding that ‘I tell you what it’s like to be the subject of conspiracy theories.’

Gates added, “I’m not going to let you get away with this.

‘The goal of never experiencing a pandemic again is never ambitious, but we’re already driven by the progress we’ve made over the past two years, including the great breakthroughs we’ve made with vaccines and the information we’ve gained about respiratory diseases. It’s a path to success. The World now understands how serious pandemics are, and the momentum is on our side. No one needs to be convinced that an infectious disease can kill millions of people or stop the global economy. If we make the right choices and investments, we can make Covid-19 the last epidemic.’


Gates, who previously said that ‘I am a little concerned that the interest in epidemic preparations is lower than I expected’, underlined that the world needs to be able to produce vaccines in 100 days and offer it to billions of people in the other 100 days in order to be ready for the next pandemic.

According to Gates, we have the ability to build factories with this capacity. But the only thing missing is that the necessary steps have not yet been taken.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which Gates founded, called for nations to invest more in health systems, including the capacity to produce vaccines, in a report.

The means used to end the pandemic were largely the same as those used to fight other infectious diseases, the report said.

The same report highlighted vaccine injustice and highlighted it as one of the world’s biggest problems against the epidemic.

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