Minister Nureddin Nebati: ‘They might do somersaults if we give them, but we will be the first to ride Togg’

Treasury and Finance Minister Nureddin Nebati addressed the citizens with a speech he delivered from the election bus during his visit to the AKP Erdemli District Presidency in Mersin today.

Nebati, who is a parliamentary candidate in Mersin, said, “They didn’t like Togg. If we say, ‘Come, let’s give the Togg to you, get on, take a tour’, they will come to a tumble. But before you do 10-20 somersaults, we will ride together with our citizens. We will enjoy the beauty of that Togg together with our citizens,” he said.

In his speech, Nebati also said, “We came here with our Togg, which excited people by looking at it with envy but showing it, wondering if I could get into this vehicle.”


Even according to the latest inflation data announced by the Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK), the beef meat, which increased by 19.9 percent compared to the previous month and 60 percent since the beginning of the year, did not reach the public, while the mutton statements made by Nabati drew reaction.

Speaking on a live broadcast after President Erdogan’s fast-breaking dinner given to AKP and MHP deputies with “beef fillet in mushroom sauce with saffron rice”, Nebati said, “The taste of the palate has changed in Turkey. Sheep meat is cheap but not preferred because of its smell. We need to change that too,” he said. These words of Nabati caused reactions.

In his speech in Mersin today, Nebati continued his explanation of mutton and said, “Let’s eat mutton on the last television, someone says that mutton cannot be eaten because of its smell. The mutton is fatty, it is good. Mutton gives strength. It gives the best taste to this city and the country with its mutton fat and milk. Therefore, we are going to the best place in Mersin with our sheep goats and animal husbandry.”

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