Elon Musk offers college student $5,000

Elon Musk has offered $5,000 to a college student who developed algorithms for monitoring his private jet and shared the plane’s locations on his social media account.

University of Florida freshman Jack Sweeny, 19, billionaire businessman Elon Muskdeveloped an algorithm that allows it to track its private jet.

After Sweeny posted the location information of the private jet on his social media account, Musk said monitoring his private jet caused “safety concerns.”

“I don’t like the idea of being shot by a lunatic,” Musk said on his social media account, asking the teenager to pay $5,000 to close his social media account. proposal He did. Sweeny said, “I knew that tracking his plane would reveal what Musk did,” explaining that Musk had turned down an offer of $5,000 and asked for $50,000 to settle his account.

Sweeny also said he could continue to create algorithms for more monitoring until he waited for a response to his proposal because people are paying a lot of attention to it.

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