“Multinet Up responded to ‘data breach’ allegations stating that there was no breach.”

It was noted that Multinet Up deemed the need to inform about the news containing the claims that the personal data of its users were violated.


In this context, the statement stated that there were no leaks or violations in Multinet Up systems, and the following statements were included:

“Our company, which sensitively protects the data security of its users, immediately started a comprehensive technical investigation after our card user in the news informed us about the e-mail sent to him. As a result of the examinations, it was determined that there were no leaks or violations in the Multinet Up systems.”

“In the light of the findings, it has been understood that the e-mail sent to our user using the name of our institution was sent by people who have no connection with our institution,” the statement said.


In the statement, it was stated that the legal unit of the company brought the incident to the legal authorities, considering the public interest, in order to prevent the aforementioned incident, which constitutes an example of a common fraud method (phishing/fishing), from causing any victimization to any user.

“None of our users should be concerned about the privacy and security of their data. In addition, we strongly warn our consumers not to respect messages containing such content from e-mails and social media channels other than Multinet Up official accounts, and not to send personal information, especially bank information, to these people.”

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