Phone line for women walking home alone in Scotland

A phone helpline called Strut Safe, set up in the UK last year, offers free phone calls to women walking home alone when they need it. The charity said demand was growing and more than 50 volunteers were working across the UK.

The charity Strut Safe was founded in Edinburgh, Scotland,by Rachel Chung and Alice Jackson after Sarah Everard was attacked and killed on her way home in March 2021. The charity, which accompanies people walking home alone, particularly women, on the phone until they arrive home, said they ‘personally’ escorted the women home if needed in the city of Edinburgh.

Strut Safe said the women in particular were set up to ensure their safety on the streets, and that they stayed on the phone to the door of their home, reassuring the people they accompanied during their stay on the phone.

If people encounter a suspicious situation on their way home, a volunteer from Strut Safe is accompanied by a volunteer from Strut Safe who talks to him until he goes home. Strut Safe volunteers calm the victim down in suspicious situations and inform the police with the necessary information.

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