They’ve added new $100,000 to their huge fortunes.

In 2021, as the pandemic nightmare continued and countries went through financial difficulties, the 10 richest people in the world increased their wealth by a total of $402 billion

It was auspicious for the ultra-rich in 2021, each of whom had a very profitable year. So much so that the 10 richest names in the world added a total of $402 billion to their fortunes in 2021. Us billionaire Elon Musk, owner of Tesla and SpaceX, has increased his $277 billion fortune by another $121 billion after being named the world’s richest man, making him the highest earner of the year. Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, who came in second place, started 2021 with the title of the world’s richest man, but later lost the leadership to Elon Musk and was able to add $4.5 billion to his fortune throughout the year!

Billions added

According to the “Bloomberg Billionaires Index” survey, the third richest person in the world was French billionaire Bernard Arnault, founder of luxury brand LVMH. Arnault was the second-highest-selling figure in the past year after Elon Musk, with $61.3 billion. The lives of the world’s richest people, who have put money into their money, have been up and down in the past year. One of them, Elon Musk, broke up with his girlfriend, Canadian singer Grimes, and gave him a new title that surprised the world: Technoking! Musk also sold billions of dollars worth of Tesla shares in a social media survey. Musk, however, appeared to be selling his stock not because of polls, but because of mandatory taxes.

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