50 million euro humanitarian aid package from the EU to Ukraine and Moldova

The European Union (EU) announced that a total of 50 million euros of humanitarian aid will be sent to Ukraine and Moldova due to Russia’s attacks on Ukraine.

While Russia ‘s attacks on Ukraine Continue, The European Union ( EU ) announced a humanitarian aid package to Ukraine and Moldova.

The humanitarian aid package of 50 million euros announced by the EU includes 5 million euros for Moldova and 45 million euros for Ukraine. In the statement made by the EU, it was stated that the humanitarian aid package will be sent to “provide emergency health services, access to safe drinking water and hygiene, shelter and protection, cash assistance and support against gender-based violence”.

EU Commissioner for Crisis Management Janez Lenarcic said in a statement, “The needs are higher in Ukraine now. We must be prepared to further increase Russia’s brutal attacks, especially in eastern Ukraine. With this aid, people who have been cut off from access to health, water and electricity in hard-to-reach areas and who had to flee, leaving everything behind, will be assisted. We stand by Ukraine,” he said.

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