Ukrainian army hit Russian targets from the air

The Ukrainian Armed Forces carried out an unmanned aerial vehicle-assisted operation against the Russian military units and destroyed the armored vehicles.

Military personnel and technical vehicle losses continue to be experienced in the war between Russia and Ukraine , Which Started On February 24 And Lasted For 53 Days.

The Ukrainian army has released new images of the operation with the “Leleka” unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV).

In the images, it was seen that the points of the Russian soldiers targeted by the UAV were repeatedly hit and the smoke rose.

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, in a statement on Russia’s losses between February 24 and April 17, reported that 20,300 Russian soldiers were killed.

The statement also added 773 tanks, 2 thousand 2 armored military vehicles, 376 artillery fire systems, 127 multi-barrel rocket launchers, 66 air defense systems, 165 aircraft, 146 helicopters, 148 unmanned aerial vehicles, 1 471 cars, 76 fuel tankers, 8 ships, 27 Special technical equipment and 4 operational tactical rocket systems were also destroyed.

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