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Google reveals botnet infiltrated 1 million Windows devices

Tech company Google has issued a new statement. A botnet has infiltrated nearly 1 million Windows devices, the company said.

Tech giant Googlehas sued botthesis that leaked to nearly 1 million Windows computers. Increasing cyberattacks are constantly threatening us all. Moreover, new ones are often added to these methods. Many of the technological products we use, from computers to phones, are under threat. The tech company has also been forced to prosecute two Russian cybercriminals who recently infiltrated nearly 1 million devices.

Google is suing botnet!

The US-based technology maker is suing two Russian citizens it claims are behind a sophisticated botnet operation that quietly infiltrated nearly 1 million Windows devices worldwide. Google’s complaint to the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York is quite remarkable, TechCrunch reported.


Google has sued two of the main operators of the Glupteba botnet, Russian nationals Dmitry Starovikov and Alexander Filippov. In the text of the complaint, the tech company highlighted the Gmail and Google Workspace accounts they allegedly created to carry out attacks.

The timing of Google’s action against a botnet account is also quite significant. That’sbecause Microsoft says it has taken control of malicious websites used by Chinese-backed hackers to target governments and human rights organizations in the United States and other countries. And only a day ago.

Tech giant Google claimed the defendants used its botnet network for illegal purposes, including theft and unauthorized use of Google users’ login and account information. However, the company demanded that Starovikov and Filippov pay compensation. He also wants them permanently banned from using Google services.

Google sues botnet account

The Glupteba botnet, which Google has been tracking since 2020, has so far infiltrated nearly 1 million Windows devices worldwide, according to Google. And they’re being added every day. When a device is infected – they often trick users into downloading malware through third-party free download sites – the botnet steals user credentials and data. He then secretly mis-mines cryptocurrencies and sets up proxies to route other people’s internet traffic.

“TheGlupteba botnet can be used in a powerful ransomware attack at any time,” Google said in its complaint. In addition, the technology company said Glupteba botnetin cannot be completely eliminated without neutralizing its blockchain-based infrastructure.

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