PUBG’s maker has sued Apple and Google!

Krafton, the maker of pubg, sued Apple and Google for selling Free Fire, a fake of their own game.

PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds)is one of the most played Battle Royale games worldwide. The game’spopularity is growing day by day, which leads to the emergence of fakes of the game.

Now, when we look at the application markets, we see that many PUBG-like games are on the market. Now, in an bid to put a stop to this situation, PUBG’s developer Kraftonhas taken action for fake games and sued fake game makers and app markets.

Krafton sued fake game makers and app markets!

Krafton, the developer of the famous Battle Royale game PUBG, filed a criminal complaint in Los Angeles Federal Court on Monday, Reuters reported. The complaint alleges that the game “Free Fire“, developed by Garena Online, copied various copyrighted in-game items, maps and equipment from PUBG.

Krafton said in a statement that Apple and Google have distributed 100 million copies of their games. In addition, Garena said the gaming company generated more than $100 million in revenue from the fake game Free Fire in the first three months of 2021 in the United States. Apple is also being asked to remove a game called Free Fire Max, which has committed another breach.

PUBG’s developer has asked Google, Apple and Garena to give them the profits from the Free Fire sale. It was also asked to completely ban the sale of the Free Fire game. This case isn’t really the first. In 2018, Krafton sued fornite, another rival world-famous Battle Royale game, to protect its copyrights.

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