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Twitter’s intervention in singer Leman Sam’s racist post!

Famous singer Leman Sam’s racist post on Twitter has been removed by the social media platform. Here are the details…

The use of social media continues to be widespread every day. However, this brings with it some rules. Platforms don’t want users to follow community guidelines and share content like hate speech. The last example of this happened recently in our country.

Singer Leman Sam‘s post about a Qatari driver hitting a dog and running away in Bahçeşehirhas sparked a backlash. The racist post was soon intercepted by Twitter management. Here are the details…

Twitter removes Leman Sam’s post

Leman Sam,71, who posted hate speech and racist phrases on Twitter,drew a backlash from social media users. Many, including celebrities, expressed condemnation of Samfor his post. Twitter’s response to the post, which was soon flooded with complaints, was also not delayed.

The platform deleted the famous singer’s post, saying it did not comply with community guidelines. Sam later said he made the post based on a video he was watching. “My reaction to any treason against animals in green spaces, regardless of country or race, is the same,” he said.

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