The Omicron variant has spread to England!

The alarming new variant of the coronavirus Omicron (Omikron in Turkish) has also been detected in the UK.

Health Secretary Sajid Javid, Chelmsford And he explained that there were two cases in Nottingham.

Javid announced that both men were in quarantine at home with their families, and that contact tracking activities were continuing, bbc Turkish reported.

The Omicron variant has previously been detected in South Africa, Botswana, Belgium, Hong Kong and Israel, while Germany and Czechia have said they are investigating two cases they suspect are Omicron variants.

The World Health Organization on Friday evening classified the Omicron variant as the alarming variant.

Among them are Turkey, the European Union, EnglandUS and CanadaSeveral countries have begun imposing travel restrictions on South Africa and some of its neighbors, where the virus was first seen.

Scientists say that according to preliminary indications, this variant is the most differentiated variant from the initial form of the virus that appeared in Vuhan, China, and therefore worries about the possibility that the current vaccines will not work, and that people who have had the disease may get sick again.

Vaccine companies BioNTech and Moderna announced that they have begun to study the effect of existing mRNA vaccines on this variant.

The exact properties of this variant and whether the current vaccines will work are expected to be known in a few weeks.

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