US President Joe Biden’s coronavirus test result?

It was announced that the coronavirus test of US President Joe Biden, who caught the coronavirus, was negative and survived the disease.

While It Was Announced To US President Joe Biden , who caught Covid-19, that the Covid-19 tests carried out last night and this morning were negative, it was reported that Biden’s 5-day quarantine ended.

US President Joe Biden caught Covid-19 on July 21 and quarantined himself at the White House. It was announced that the Covid-19 tests of Biden, who was treated with the Paxlovid drug, last night and this morning were negative. Biden’s doctor, Kevin O’Connor, stated that Biden’s quarantine for 5 days will end, and that the symptoms of Covid-19 have almost completely recovered. O’Connor also stated that Paxlovid’s treatment ended 36 hours ago and will increase the pace of testing applied to Biden due to the possibility of “rebound”.

Biden, on the other hand, shared the picture of his test that came out negative on his social media account and said, “I’m going back to the Oval Office. Thanks to Dr (Kevin O’Connor) for the good care and all of you for your support.”

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