Efforts are underway for grain export at three Ukrainian ports

Following the grain shipment agreement signed between Ukraine and Russia last Friday in Turkey, work on grain export continues in Ukraine’s Çornomorsk, Yuzhne and Odessa ports.

Ukraine announced that work continues at three ports following the grain shipment agreement signed with Russia. In the statement made by the Ukrainian Navy, it was said, “Work has resumed in the ports of Odessa, Chornomorsk and Yuzhne. The departure and arrival of the ships will be carried out by forming a convoy accompanied by the lead ship.” The statement also stated that navigation and hydrographic experts are working to ensure the security of the three ports.

Officials stated that the first grain shipment is expected to take place by the end of this week, while Ukrainian merchant ships will accompany the shipment ships for a certain distance.


Ukraine’s Minister of Infrastructure Oleksandr Kubrakov said, “As before, if Russia continues to bombard the infrastructure of the ports, we will switch to Plan B. In other words, we will use the Danube ports, we will use the railways and we will ship as much grain as possible.” Minister Kubrakov stated that agricultural products will be exported by rail via Poland, Slovakia and Hungary and said, “We will use all the means we can.” Ukraine, Turkey, UN

on Friday in IstanbulAfter the four-way meeting between Russia and Ukraine, a grain shipment agreement was signed for grain and other food exports from Ukrainian ports. The United Nations, on the other hand, stated yesterday that the first shipment of grain in Ukraine could be made from the Black Sea ports in a few days and that the shipment was planned to be made from the Chornomorsk Port first.

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