A $1 billion investment in Trump’s social media venture!

Former US President Donald Trump has not ended his social media dreams. A $1 billion investment has come in for a new platform called Truth Social.

Former US President Donald Trump was blacklisted on social media after the January 6 Capitol uprising. Many platforms, especially Twitter, have decided to ban Trump, demonstrating their sensitivity. But the controversial former leader’s anger has yet to subside.

Seeking revenge on platforms that banned him, the former president signed a deal with DWAC (Digital World Acquisition Corp.) for Trump Media & Technology Group in October. As a result of this partnership, he set out to develop a new project that would prevent Twitter and other social networks. She started working on a new messaging app called Truth Social. Trump’s fans were quick to support the project.

Donald Trump expands investments in his social network

Donald Trump’s social media company has raised $1 billion from unidentified investors as it continues its plans to go public, the Financial Times reported. After trump media and digital world companies merged, they will reportedly receive the money from an ‘anonymous group of investors’.

In the early days of 2021, Donald Trump, who received a huge response with his social media uprising, made a statement. He said the $1 billion sends an important message that censorship and political discrimination in the tech world must end.

The $1 billion investment wasn’t the only boost for Trump’s new social network, Truth Social. In addition, DWAC has allocated $293 million to this partnership. The new initiative, which will be launched in the future, has already generated great anticipation from Trump fans. But another segment of society sees this platform as a threat.

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